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Date24 September 2014 - 26 September 2014
LocationTorino Italy
INTERREG IVC project CLUE invites partners, politicians, experts and other stakeholders to discuss climate neutral urban districts during its final conference on 25 September 2014 in Torino, Italy. The event will showcase the main findings, achievements and outputs of the project, present the pilot action performed by the city of Torino, and let a panel of experts discuss the project's results in moving European cities towards climate neutrality.

CLUE agenda ENG_short.pdf
CLUE agenda ENG_long.pdf

European Cities Moving Towards Climate Neutrality.pdf

Practices, Tools and Policies-European Cities Moving Towards Climate Neutrality- Final Report -InteractiveLinks.pdf

Practices, Tools and Policies- European Cities Moving Towards Climate Neutrality- Final Report- print.pdf

Participation Indicators and Benchmarking - European Cities Moving Towards Climate Neutrality- Final Report.pdf

Press release Torino.pdf

PowerPoint presentations from the two days:

25th of September

Morning :
2 KOENIG Turin meeting - C3 findings - version 20140923.ppt
BAHN 2014-09-24 Final conference - Clue2.pptx
GILARDI Presentazione CLUE FINAL CONFERENCE - 24 26 sett 2014.ppt
KOENIG Turin meeting - WG 1 findings - version 20140923.ppt
LEITNER communalprobes_create_turin_v0.2_ml.ppt
MONTILEO 140925-presentació WG4.pptx
Vignoli_Torino_Final Conference-DEF.pptx

1 ARMAN Turin CLUE final conference LÅ.pptx
2 MULDER.pptx
3 DEAKIN KTH CLUE benchmarks - Turin Sept 2014.ppt

CURWELL ODYSSEUS_introduction Turin.ppt
LOMBARDI PL_Draft-25-09-14.pptx
MORO iiSBE CLUE Final Conference.pptx

26th of September

MAZZAProgetto Europeo CLUE 24-26 Settembre 2014.ppt
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Final Conference - Torino
24-26 Sep 2014
Final Conference Torino
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