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The CLUE-project consists of four components, shortened C1, C2, C3 and C4. The division of the components is a way to organize the project’s different parts according to the Interreg IV application request.

C1: Management and coordination

The component contains the project management and controller functions. By managing the project’s administration, handling reporting to the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS), being responsible for partner relations, budgeting, follow-ups and holistic planning – this component is the planning organ of the CLUE-organization.
Responsible partner: City of Stockholm (Lead Partner)

C2: Communication and dissemination

The component comprises the communication flows both internally within the project, as well as externally by providing relevant target groups with information and results of the CLUE project. The CLUE website and a project newsletter are  the central tools for external dissemination. The communication is lined out in a communication plan.
Responsible partner: City of Stockholm (Lead Partner)

C3: Exchange of experiences dedicated to the identification and analysis of good practices

The work done in the component is targeted at identifying best practices in partner cities and regions according to five thematic areas: legislation and financing in the planning process, private sector and citizen engagement, planning strategies, technologies and systems for energy and urban transport. All these themes are related to climate mitigation and climate neutral urban districts. As the main area for exchange of knowledge between cities and across components – C3 will deliver input for C4 and vice versa.
Responsible partner: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

C4: Tools for planning and evaluation of climate neutral urban districts

The work done in the component includes reviewing methods and tools used for planning and evaluation of climate neutral urban districts. Three workgroups are set up in order to delve into questions concerning benchmarking, tools for evaluation and scenario methods.
Responsible partner: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Updated 15/01/2014
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